Occupational Therapy Services

An Occupational Therapist will work with your child to improve their independence in the following areas:

Self-Care Skills for dressing, feeding, toileting, and bathing

Fine and Visual Motor Skills for handwriting, cutting, playing games

Coordination and Balance for riding a bike and playing on the playground

Sensory Processing Skills to participate in school, home, and community with appropriate responses to sensory information in their environment

Self-Regulation Skills to participate in school, home, and community

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Community Inclusion Services

An Occupational Therapist will work with community organizations to facilitate inclusion of children of all abilities.  Inclusive Designs may include:

Education Seminars

Modifications/Adaptations to the environment

Implementing best practices to support children with disabilities in the community

Designing Sensory Room

Adapt Curriculum or Programs

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Occupational Therapy Group Sessions

An Occupational Therapist will work with 4-6 children to learn a specific skill over the course of several weeks.  For some skills, children learn better in a group setting.  Group sessions will be offered throughout the year.  Group sessions may address the following skills:

Social Skills


Play Skills

Fine Motor Skills


Coordination/Motor Planning

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Play and Grow Therapy

At Play and Grow Therapy, we want to make sure your child and family have the skills needed for your child be successful in living their life to the fullest.  We are also committed to educating and supporting community businesses to ensure all families have access, are supported, and included to participate and engage in their communities regardless of their abilities.



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